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Get to know your Rural Matters Team

We understand that farming is far more than just a business.

At Lewis & McNamara we know that when it comes to rural businesses there are a multitude of complexities involved, some more delicate than others. Our solicitors offer a proactive approach to protecting the interests of you and your rural business, whether it be ensuring the seamless transfer of a rural property or working with you to develop a comprehensive business structure.

Farming is far more than just a business, it is a lifestyle where often financial and emotional investments run parallel.  Our succession planning for farming families offers you and your family clarity and peace of mind in preparation for intergenerational farm transfers, protecting the interests of your farming business and most importantly your family relationships.

Understanding the requirements and objectives of your rural business is the key to our success at Lewis & McNamara Solicitors, our tailored services safeguard you from unnecessary risks and ensure you achieve a high quality and expected outcome.

  • Business structuring from Rural business, particularly cattle and cane businesses
  • The Buying and selling farms
  • Leasing and licencing agricultural land
  • Sub division of Rural land
  • Succession planning for farming families
  • Resumptions disputes

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