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Get to know your Contract Drafting Team

We will ensure it’s worth the paper it’s written on.

When drafting a contract that involves any conditions that are out of the ordinary, a lawyer should be consulted to ensure that the amendments to the standard contract achieve the intended result.

The standard contract for the sale of land does not anticipate circumstances like the registration of a new plan, vendor finance, the insertion of nominees to purchase a property or the contemporaneous settlement of prior sales. Circumstances such as these require careful wording.

At Lewis & McNamara Solicitors, our focus is on safeguarding our client’s interests in a pragmatic, legally sound and cost effective manner. Our dedicated property team work with you to understand your goals and objectives, ensuring the documents are well considered and reflective of your objectives.

Our team offers a streamlined approach to your contract drafting, lifting the cloud of uncertainty from the process and empowering you to sign on the dotted line with confidence, clarity and peace of mind.

We understand that parties want to reach an agreement that can be signed as quickly as possible. Sellers want to ensure that a prospective buyer signs on the dotted line as quickly as possible and buyers want to secure a property that they have their heart set on before another buyer puts on a better offer.

We guarantee that if you engage us to prepare special conditions for a contract, we will have those special conditions prepared within two hours.

Our office has a number of highly qualified and experienced property lawyers, there will always be a lawyer available to assist you on short notice.

Before you sign a contract, even if it is only a standard one, call our team so we can ensure you fully understand what you are signing.

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