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Get to know your Leasing Team

We empower you to sign on the dotted line with confidence.

Whether you are a landlord, a tenant or a prospective tenant, you should obtain legal advice regarding any lease before you sign the lease or take possession of the new premises.

At Lewis & McNamara Solicitors, our property team offers a streamlined approach to your leases, lifts the cloud of uncertainty from the process and empowers you to sign on the dotted line with confidence.

Our dedicated property team is with you every step of the way, offering you one point of contact throughout the entire leasing process.

At Lewis & McNamara we offer clear and concise leasing advice and importantly we offer peace of mind.

Our dedicated property team work with you every step of the way, removing the hassle from the leasing process. We can assist you with every aspect of the leasing process, including:-

  • Preparation of a new lease,
  • Assignment or extension of an existing lease,
  • Retail shop lease disclosure documentation
  • Enforcement of the terms of your lease in the event that your tenant is in default.

Signing a lease, like any other contract can be an intimidating prospect, if you are not fully aware of ‘small print’. At Lewis & McNamara Solicitors, we explain to you in plain English what you are signing up for. Our services do not end at the signing of the lease, we can also guide you through:-

  • Assigning the lease
  • Exercising an option
  • Negotiating market rent
  • Negotiate a new lease

Particular care should be taken when entering into or assigning a retail shop lease. There are strict regulations in relation to retail shop leases and the failure to comply with those regulations may mean that your lease could be voidable leaving you out of pocket. The Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 provides that the parties to a new lease or an assignment of a lease must give disclosure to one another. The landlord must inform the proposed tenants of the terms of the lease and the proposed tenant must inform the landlord of their financial standing and business experience. The tenant must also obtain independent financial and legal advice before entering into the lease.

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