Guaranteeing your child’s loan

Buying a home as a first home owner is hard work, as rising house prices make home ownership less accessible to young buyers. As the former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull famously told a radio host, one way for the next generation to enter the property market is for their parents to give them a hand [...]

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Liquidation & Administration Seminar

FREE SEMINAR LIQUIDATION & ADMINISTRATION The impact on employees & creditors You are invited to attend a straightforward and easy to understand seminar for anyone who is affected by a business that is suffering financial stress, or you or your business:- are owed money by a company that is in administration/ liquidation. you are employed [...]

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QLD Budget: First Homeowners Grant & Foreign Acquirer Duty

The Queensland Government Budget has been announced and we will not sugar coat it, it has got some teeth. It has taken a substantial bite out of the First Homeowners Grant and is looking for a larger slice of the foreign ownership pie. There are a few more less than pleasant surprises in there, however [...]

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